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I Attract More Positivity


The emotional work that Marcia has done with Dr. Mary Lou Rane has had a positive life altering effect. Others around her have tuned into that vibration and she now attracts more positivity in all aspects of her own life. She noticed that: “As I change the people around me change. The negative people [...]

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Improved Hypertension Testimonial


Client spotlight: Dr. Steve   Dr. Steve was being treated for hypertension.  Dr. Mary Lou Rane approached his illness in a completely different way than he was used to being treated with Western Medicine. “Instead of treating the symptom, she saw it as a window into how my body was not in balance. [...]

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Accessing The Subconscious Mind Video Testimonial


Client Spotlight: Linda M   Dr. Mary Lou Rane is an amazing healer with an intuitive nature who has the ability to access the subconscious mind through a variety of techniques.  Specializing in NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) and nutrition allows her to combine a series of technologies to assist you in finding out what [...]

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Positive Change, Dr. Rane helps it happen


Client Spotlight: Tamara Z   Dr. Mary Lou Rane has been one of Tamara’s mental-spiritual-physical health support systems for about twenty years. In the past, Tamara would frequently get sick around every high and low in her life. She spent so much time being sick that she knew it had to be something deeper [...]

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NET accuracy is amazing


Client Spotlight: Diane D Diane has been amazed at the accuracy of NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) and the use of sophisticated muscle testing as a conduit into the body and mind and the emotional matrix to figure out what is going on. “NET’s (Neuro Emotional Technique) accuracy is amazing!  It targets right in [...]

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Improved Health and Emotional Well Being Testimonial


Client Spotlight: Marcia M.   In the video above, Marcia M. gives her testimonial on how she improved her emotional health and well being through working with Dr. Rane. Marcia found that by improving her own emotional health that situations around her also improved. People who formally would have been part of her life that [...]

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PTSD Positive Outcome Testimonial


Client Spotlight: Kate R   Kate’s anxiety and panic attacks were debilitating.  She went to sleep being afraid and woke up afraid.  Diagnosed with PTSD, doctors prescribed medication but nothing helped until she went to see Dr. Mary Lou Rane.  A combination of natural supplements and N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique), therapy empowered Kate [...]

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Holistic Medicine For Dogs, Video Testimonial


Client Spotlight: Patti G & Smoochie   Patti’s beloved dog Smoochie was feeling sick.  Her Veterinarian found that Smoochie’s liver enzyme readings where dangerously high.  A biopsy and surgery could be required. Patti took Smoochie for a second opinion and again received the same unfortunate prognosis. Wanting the best for her beloved friend [...]

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Testimonial


Client Spotlight: Jewel R   Jewel has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  After seeing four different endocrinologists and getting the same disappointing results, Jewel became a patient of Dr. Rane.  She shares that: “I saw no results from my actions and hated everything about waking up each day.  I was at a loss with no help [...]

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Tired, Overweight and Depressed: Video Testimonial


Client Spotlight: Billy G.   Tired, Overweight and Depressed: I needed a change Tired, overweight and depressed, Billy was sick of living the same unfulfilling life. He wanted to change but he didn’t know how to do it.  Searching for a quick fix, he took a chance on holistic medicine and found Dr. [...]

Tired, Overweight and Depressed: Video Testimonial2016-10-28T04:03:00+00:00
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