Client Spotlight: Billy G.


Tired, Overweight and Depressed: I needed a change

Tired, overweight and depressed, Billy was sick of living the same unfulfilling life. He wanted to change but he didn’t know how to do it.  Searching for a quick fix, he took a chance on holistic medicine and found Dr. Mary Lou Rane on Google.

A year later, Billy shares: “The last year of my life has been the best it’s ever been. Everything in my life has become better: my job, money, health, how I feel about myself – all is better.  With Dr. Mary Lou, I get better at life.”



Fear of Change:

A lot of people don’t choose Holistic medicine because of their fear of change and their fear of something different.  And it is different!  Instead of shortsighted solutions that focus on treating symptoms, Holistic healing takes an integrated approach to medicine and your health, addressing all aspects of a person, not just where manifested illnesses are most apparent.  Dis-ease, injuries, illnesses, emotions, beliefs, patterns and habits are all interrelated and addressed as part of the holistic healing.

Dr. Mary Lou specializes in gently working on your deepest self for body, mind and spirit health.  She heals from within, using time tested natural remedies and a multitude of advanced healing modalities.  If you want to have the maximum amount of physical and mental health, this is a long-term powerful solution.