Client Spotlight: Tamara Z


Dr. Mary Lou Rane has been one of Tamara’s mental-spiritual-physical health support systems for about twenty years.

In the past, Tamara would frequently get sick around every high and low in her life. She spent so much time being sick that she knew it had to be something deeper than the diagnoses Western Medicine was providing.  In Dr. Mary Lou Rane, she found a practitioner that included so many modalities all in one person.  Dr. Rane makes positive change happen.

“Change is hard and we all say we want it but to actually be able to have it happen is really quite rare. Through the extraordinary work that I’ve done with Dr. Mary Lou Rane, I’ve had the opportunity to make such significant changes in my life, that I’ve become the version of myself I have always dreamed of!  I changed my path and was able to do so because I had someone that facilitated me in the extraordinary way that Dr. Mary Lou Rane did.  I feel fortunate and so blessed to have been able to have her in my life.”

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