The Home Run Formula in NET must be addressed: nutrition, toxicity, structure/energy systems, and psycho-emotional stress.

Utilizing these “four bases,” I analyze patients’ reflexes with a combination of healing modalities and devises a personalized program of care specific to each individual which includes: NET, bodywork, a dietary program, and the exact nutrients you need to supplement your diet in order to bring about balance and optimal health.

I continuously keep up with the latest groundbreaking advancements in holistic wellness by consistently attending workshops, seminars, and retreats with today’s foremost doctors and scientists from around the world.  These are a few of the primary specialized healing methodologies I use in restoring individuals to their perfect health and longevity.


  1. Neuro Emotional Technique: NET
  2. Nutrition Response Testing: NRT
  3. Contact Reflex Analysis: CRA
  4. Epigenetics Functional Biochemistry
  5. Applied Kinesiological Approaches: Michael Lebowitz, D.C.
  6. Quintessential Applications, AK Clinical Protocols
  7. Applied Kinesiology
  8. Functional Medicine
  9. Injury Recall Technique and Set Point Technique
  10. Neurovascular Dynamics: NVD
  11. Whole Food Supplementation: Standard Process Nutritional Supplements
  12. Bach Flower Remedies
  13. Acupressure: Jin Shin Do