Applied Kinesiology by Dr. Lebowitz is a dynamic healthcare system that evaluates structural, chemical, nutritional and mental health using manual muscle testing.

Dr. Lebowitz has practiced the art and science of applied kinesiology for 35+ years and has taught for 28+ years.  Over these years, Dr. Lebowitz has developed many techniques that are presently used by well over a thousand physicians in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

His non-invasive approach enables a practitioner to find all of the microbes and toxins that are affecting someone and then determine the common nutrients that will treat these disease states and leave the patient restored to a better state of health.

Dr. Lebowitz’ research and innovation have brought much in the way of testing techniques and academics to alternative medicine in the fields of dysbiosis, food sensitivities, toxic metals, chemicals and electromagnetic field sensitivity, as well as neurological desensitization techniques.  He has also helped develop nutritional products that are used worldwide to treat these issues.