I was working on a blog post explaining Neuro Emotional Technique. Even though I’ve been practicing NET for decades,  I still went back and researched the history of it. I wrote how in spite of what the word “Emotional” in  Neuro Emotional Technique brings up for us, NET itself isn’t counseling or psychotherapy. Instead, NET focuses on the physical aspects or ‘physiology’ of emotional/stress responses.

Writing that post brought up this thought in me: While I don’t offer counseling or psychotherapy, I definitely do work with my clients beyond the physical, and that our work together is best described as Holistic Life Coaching, especially once we’ve addressed anything physical.

In fact, here’s a piece of an audio interview I did many years ago that answers the question, Once We Are Eating Right and Exercising, What Next?

The Holistic Life Coaching I Do

I have dedicated my life to helping people in all facets of their life by transforming their mind, body and spirit. Together we work to connect these three aspects of your life so you can live intentionally, mindfully and powerfully. We focus our attention on these core areas in relation to the whole you,  so that you can truly heal, be complete and move forward.

As a Nutritionist, I tend to start with food, which is perhaps the most effective and immediate way to start transformation from the inside out. Quite simply, putting healthy fuel instead of poison into our bodies has a dramatic effect. Going deeper, if a client is suffering from any kind of dis-ease, I will uncover specific dietary changes that can make for them to see results; we’re all different and react differently to food, just like drugs.

For Physical Issues, depending on the dis-ease, I draw on a wide range of tools including advanced certification in Neuro Emotional Technique as well as advanced training in Clinical Nutrition, Epigenetics and Functional Biochemistry, Nutritional Response Testing, Contact Reflex Analysis, Brain on Fire Visceral and Immune Dysfunctions Treatment, Neurovascular Dynamics, Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine, Injury Recall, Set Point Technique, Acupressure and Bach Flower Therapy.

After and sometimes at the same time as the healing, I love to work with my clients on their personal growth. I started my life-long commitment to education with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy at UCLA, Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa. This training and education helps me tie everything together for my clients and myself.

Today after more than 30 years of success in life and business, nothing gives me greater joy than being able to help people feel Empowered, Encouraged and Motivated to not just recognize their true potential, but to also awaken to the limitless possibilities for all of our lives. Oftentimes we find that there are “blocks” that are stopping you from realizing your true power, and then we simply do the work to remove those blocks, work that frequently leads back to NET.

As A Holistic Life Coach I Will Help You:

  • Become clear about what you want. Once you’ve gained clarity, creating a life you love gets a lot easier.
  • Experience healing from depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, abuse, etc.
  • Improve your relationships, resolve conflicts and set healthy boundaries.
  • Push through loss, grief or separation.
  • Overcome barriers and limiting beliefs.
  • Achieve an abundance of wealth.
  • Manage stress and lead a healthy and balanced life.
  • Set any goals that you desire and achieve them.