first aid stree tool - fast relief
IMPORTANT: The following is not intended as a replacement for consultation, diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with your healthcare professional before using this procedure.

Step A: Place one of your wrists (palm up) in other hand. Using three fingers of your bottom hand, gently contact the 3 pulse points that are located on the “thumb” side of the palm-up wrist.

Step B: Place the palm-up hand across your forehead and take several slow. deep breaths while concentrating on any “feelings” of distress.

Then change hands and repeat this step with the 3 pulse points on your other wrist.  FAST is designed to help you handle stressful situations better, and you can repeat it as often as needed. If your stress symptoms persist, immediately advise your practitioner.

Step C: Take 9-12 sprays of NET Remedies #9 ER 911 and #24 Day & Night Vitals (three times a day is generally recommended) to support your body as you continue processing. In all cases, it is best you check with your healthcare practitioner for dosage and frequency.
The NET Remedies formulas are available through licensed healthcare practitioners.