Individually specialized healing sessions tailored just for what you need now.

Many people have completely lost hope in their recovery and ability to bring their dreams to fruition due to many failed attempts utilizing only one approach for healing.  Because people are multidimensional, I use a multifaceted approach, tailoring many different cutting edge healing modalities to each individual’s situation.

Restoring clients’ hope and belief in themselves is at the forefront of the unique synthesis of healing arts that I offer as patients become proactive in their healing.

Introducing the Home Run Formula

I share a belief that in order for true healing to occur, four factors referred to as the Home Run Formula in NET must be addressed: nutrition, toxicity, structure/energy systems, and psycho-emotional stress.

Utilizing these “four bases,” I analyze patients’ reflexes with a combination of healing modalities and devises a personalized program of care specific to each individual which includes: NET, bodywork, a dietary program, and the exact nutrients you need to supplement your diet in order to bring about balance and optimal health.

I continuously keep up with the latest groundbreaking advancements in holistic wellness by consistently attending workshops, seminars and retreats with today’s foremost doctors and scientists from around the world.