There is no dis-ease process that cannot be reversed
with a change of heart, mind and physiology.

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So many people suffer with chronic illness due to the old paradigm that aging and disease are beyond our control.

In the new medicinal sciences emerging in the 21st century, achieving and sustaining health is no longer a mystery.  Proactively asking the right questions about our health concerns and challenges allows us to find the answers and switch our approach from simply treating symptoms of disease to actually getting to the underlying cause of disease as an effective means of achieving perfect health.

Dr. Mary Lou Rane, Ph.D. is a Nutritionist, Integrative Healer and Holistic Wellness Consultant.

Dr. Rane compassionately and intuitively empowers individuals to unravel their underlying causes of dis-ease and emotional disharmony on their path to vitality and wellness.

She believes the body is designed to heal itself and that it just needs the right building blocks to do so.

There is No Separation Between Body and Mind

Because there is no separation between body and mind, Dr. Mary Lou Rane offers a holistic health approach to wellness that addresses illness, physical pain, emotional discomfort, nutrition, toxicity, energy, and structure to keep individuals harmonious and balanced in body, mind and spirit.

Whatever your need:  physical, emotional, spiritual, healing, wellness or preventative, Dr. Mary Lou Rane’s sessions are opportunities for individuals to strengthen their health, release limiting patterns, expand their potential, and break unwanted habits.

Everyone maintains perceptions of self, others, the world, and projections about themselves from others.

One of Dr. Rane’s specialties is facilitating people in tracking and releasing their unwanted beliefs and patterns and offering a new point of recognition of self and the power we hold inside.

Breaking these static and often detrimental states allows individuals to take charge of their energies and chart a path to empowerment as they create all that they desire.

Dr. Rane’s expertise in alternative healthcare, boundless compassion, and clarity make her a valuable guide and inspiration for the implementation of the change we seek in our lives.